News from Brecon Beacons - it is our belief that the Welsh Assembly's plans for the Beacons involves restocking to minimal level on a managed basis, purely to keep the areas clean, the entire area will then be planted up with trees, with roadways throughout the area leading to picnic areas etc., following the American style national parks.

This will lead to the loss of many, many hill farms plus a % of lowland farms. This will lead to even more meat being imported and the unique taste of sweet welsh lamb, will be lost forever.

As in Cumbria and Devon, Wales and the Beacons are being sacrificed for tourism which is a sign of a failed peasant economy of a 3rd world country. The large corporations will take advantage of this as they have done in all other sectors of our life, we will see large holiday complexes springing up, as is happening now much of the labour employed will be student, supplies will not be bought locally, and local B & Bs etc., will just be unable to compete. Our country is becoming americanised in many ways, is this yet another?