Press Release December 14 ~

Please find enclosed the press notice and the Framework Document (new window - takes some time to load) for the FMD: Lessons Learned Inquiry (Chaired by Dr Iain Anderson)
The deadline for all comments is Friday 15 March 2002.


The Lessons to be Learned Inquiry into the Foot and Mouth Outbreak of 2001 today launched its Framework Document, marking the formal start of the independent Inquiry. The Inquiry Chairman Dr Iain Anderson announced that the document was on the Inquiry's web site at . Copies were also distributed to many of those with a direct interest in the Inquiry.
The document explains the terms of reference for the independent Inquiry (already announced on 9 August) and lists some broad question areas in which the Inquiry will be interested in receiving responses. The Inquiry team will present its recommendations to the Prime Minister and other recipients in mid-2002.
Dr Anderson said:
"The Foot and Mouth epidemic of 2001 was, in social and economic terms, one of the most fundamental and traumatic events for the country since the Second World War. It is essential that we all learn lessons from this. Today, there has been no confirmed case of foot and mouth disease since 30 September: it is now time for this independent Inquiry to begin.
"The Inquiry will be inclusive, and seeks views from everyone as to what lessons should be learned from the catastrophic outbreak of foot and mouth disease this year. We have been offered full co-operation by the Government.
"Our website will be an important source of information for people interested in the progress of the Inquiry and we are currently planning visits to affected regions in England, Scotland and Wales in early 2002. I encourage everyone with an interest to present their views to this Inquiry."

Notes to editors

1. The Framework Document, Inquiry into the lessons to be learned from the foot and mouth outbreak of 2001 is available on the website:
2. Comments about the outbreak and its handling should be sent via e-mail to:
3. Alternatively, written comments should be sent to: The Secretary, FMD Lessons Learned Inquiry, First Floor, 9 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DD. The deadline for all comments is Friday 15 March 2002.
4. If you have any enquiries concerning the above please contact the Inquiry press officer Rupert Cazalet on 020 7276 5571.