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From DEFRA's Vaccination Protocol April 2004

" The Food Standards Agency have issued as statement which confirms that there are no risks to human health from consuming products from animals which have been vaccinated against FMD with an approved vaccine. "

August 2001 - email from the National Consumer Council

Kathryn Williams
Press Officer
National Consumer Council
Tel: 020 7881 3019
Fax: 020 7730 5851

Dear Mrs Critchley,

RE: Food labelling article in The Cumberland News

Thank you for your e-mail.

In most circumstances, we believe that comprehensive labelling of food is desirable. Consumer information is one of the basic principles on which we develop our policy. However, in this case, we take the view that food from vaccinated beasts does not need to be labelled. I have attached a link to our website which explains our position in full.

During the vaccination debate a few months ago, our Chairman Deirdre Hutton, had a number of private conversations with a variety of people including Ben Gill. Conversations like these contribute to our thinking when developing policy and Deirdre may well have emphasised the importance of consumer information. Since then we have fully developed our policy and, on 20th April, we issued the statement attached. (at the bottom of the e-mail)

We will, of course, write to The Cumberland News to clarify our position with them.

With thanks.

Kathryn Williams
Press Officer
National Consumer Council
Tel: 020 7881 3019
Fax: 020 7730 5851

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From: Mary C []
Sent: 18 August 2001 16:29
To: National Consumer Council Info
Subject: Let us eat inoculated products as long as they are from Britain!

Dear Madam

Mr Gill has said that consumers would refuse to risk buying products that have been vaccinated.

He is a cynical man. My friends, family and I will welcome the chance to buy meat that is inoculated against foot and mouth. I cannot understand the reluctance to vaccinate British stock instead of this mad killing.

If labels are to be attached to British products then they must also alert the consumer about foreign imports. This is the time to unite behind our good British producers as never before.

Yours faithfully

Mary Critchley (Mrs)


Subject: Food Labels - FMD scenario

Dear NCC,

It is with utter amazement I read the utter bunkum from your organisation, relayed via Ben Gill of the NFU, in "The Cumberland News" that,

"Mr Gill said the chairwoman of the National Consumer Council had sent him a fax, confirming that she would insist food labels are used to tell consumers which meat or milk has been inoculated. Consumers would refuse to risk buying it, he said."

Is your council not aware that the British housewife has been buying VACCINATED meat from South America for DECADES? I'm sorry, that was a stupid question, for they obviously do not know ! Brazil to the year end August 2000 exported 71,622 tonnes of their VACCINATED meat - 43,000 tonnes of it being of the Corned Beef variety ! She has not been too worried about that then obviously - nor anyone else on the council.

As well as Mr Gill needing to swot up on the South American meat industry and our meat imports, it is high time your organisation realised VACCINATED meat has been feeding this nation for more years than the "chairwoman" has had hot dinners.

Since when has a mere "chairwoman" of a consumer organisation insisted what the UK (that should read EU) must have on its food labels ? Who does she think she is, Tony Blair ?

Get your members to have a look at the Internet,

Consumers have NOT refused to buy vaccinated meat from places they only dream of, never mind demanding to see the label.

Yours sincerely,

Captain Bryn Wayt
BA (Rtd)