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Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 5:17 PM
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Dear Mrs Thompson

Craster to Dunstanburgh Path

Thank you for your e mail.

I am disappointed to hear that the disinfectant mats are dry and we will
contact the Trust again to ensure they are replenished.

I will also arrange for the signage to be replaced and put up 'no dogs'
notices if the present signs are not proving effective in getting that
message across.  I have not myself had contact from the TIC, but will
ensure that they do have relevant contact numbers in the County Council.

Thank you for the information concerning the meeting in Cumbria.  I
understand a meeting with a similar agenda will be organised in Newcastle
in the near future which we will arrange to attend.

I do share your concern that disease control may again become a major
issue in the autumn months if containment is not fully achieved before then.  To
prevent that I do believe it is essential that the national re-opening of
footpaths does not lead to a reduction in biosecurity precautions amongst
those who work with livestock and other higher risk groups.  If you have
suggestions concerning wider issues of biosecurity I will be pleased to
bring them to the attention of DEFRA and again please keep me informed
about practical management requirements in the Craster area.

Yours sincerely

Clive Crossley