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The FMD Forum is an expanding database of like minds who wish to see a humane way of dealing with disease epidemics while working towards eradication through the application of modern science.


If you would like to join and would like information on the latest news on FMD and other disease control in the UK, please fill in your details below, and email or post to the above address


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If we do present information about our membership while lobbying, it would be in the form of grouped statistics compiled from our users' answers to survey questions and membership details. The FMD Forum will not disclose the contact or demographic information of any individual user to any outside organization without the express permission of the individual.







Chairman: Bill Eykyn

Executive Director: Alicia Eykyn Veterinary Director: Wendy Vere MA VetMB MRCVS

Research Director: Jon Dobson

Founder Members:

Dr Keith Sumption PhD MAVet.MB MRCVS, Dr Ruth Watkins BSc HonsMBBS MSC MRCP MRCPath (Clinical Virologist), Dr Noel Moet PhD MRCVS

Dr Sheila Crispin MAVetMB BSc PhD DVA DVOphtha MRCVS, Dr James Irvine FRCP(Ed)FRCPathDscFRS(Ed)FID FIBiol, Dr AJBeale MD FRCpath

Dr Jim Hutchison MD FRCP(G) FRCPath, Dr Sarah Binns MAVetMB MSc PhD MRCVS, Paul Roger Bvet Med BSc MSc DSHPCertWEL MRCVS

Mary Marshall, , Suzanne & Peter Greenhill, Alex Bentley, Elwyn Williams Dr Richard Lawson MB BS MRCPsych Prof.P.Midmore Bsc Econ PhD

Ken Tyrrell BAB.Sc(Vet) MRCVS, Dr Susan Haywood PhD BVSc MRCVS, Alayne Addy solicitor, Barbara Jordon solicitor, Stephen Tromans barrister Leolin Price CBE QC, Lady Lucinda Lambton, Allan and Rosie Beat, The Countess of Marr, Joan Gambage, Pat Dent, Rosemary Upton, Tom Griffiths-Jones Arwyn Davies, Phil Owen, Julia Curry, Roy Miller, Tony York, Jane Barribal, Richard Mawdesley, Mary Critchley Dr A Richardson Bvet Med PhDMRCVS

Pat Walker, Roger Windsor MBE BVM & SBSc MA MRCVS, Christopher Stockdale, Philip Straker, Viscountess Lowther, Dr Peter Poll DVM(Holland)

Oaklands Park Farm, Peter Wood BvetMed MSc MRCVS,Vets for Vaccination, Soil Association, Michael Hart, Small and Family Farms Alliance