Continuing rise of slaughter figures, sheep in particular, still giving cause for concern. Tried to work out how they could be doing this without it getting out, could not see it would be possible. Then, a bit of lateral thinking by spouse: as S.Holmes once said,if you eliminate all possibilities then whatever remains, however incredible it is, has to be the answer ( well,that's the gist of it anyway ).

To get to the point. What if they actually were "bussing" these sheep in ordinary livestock trailers out of the farms "affected"? It happens every day on our roads and nobody takes any notice. It's lambs going off or sheep being sold, - point is nobody would query it.

Staggering in its simplicity and audacity.

They did this at the Great Orton site but they also killed them out there.

O.K. but what about the slaughter ? One solution; ,take them to an abattoir ! Again, routine, no questions asked.

Of course, it would have to be a special abattoir designated only for killing over 30 month cattle.

Then,disposal ?
Off to the rendering plant,just as usual. So simple, has it been under our noses all along, that's scientifically the last place we would look?


Special abattoirs ? these are only for slaughtering over 30 month cattle because,of course of the BSE scare. They would have been very quiet or, more likely, totally inactive during the height of the epidemic. But, as I said, so gloriously simple - take them off the farm in ordinary transporters, even at night is not unusual, kill out at an abattoir, nothing noteworthy there, and, finally off to the rendering plant.

In fact,business as usual just different clients i.e. sheep not cattle on the whole.

These Special abattoirs are spread all over the country; the 2 in Scotland are near Kilmarnock in the West and one on the East coast

.Also a note. Why are the figures so exact? Always a round figure, never 245 or 76, and nearly always 19 "affected premises" involved.

If this were an Eastern bloc country (don't know whether they are still called that ), we would be shocked by what has and apparently is going on, wouldn't we ?

This is really scary. I am afraid. I am really very afraid for my sheep.

.It's my responsibility to protect them, from disease, from predators and the worst of these is DEFRA. Forget foxes; they are a flea-bite in comparison. I know, to my sorrow, what these people are capable of, how difficult it is to fight them, how they trample on the law with apparent impunity.

The Law should be on our side. Justice should be on our side,... hell's teeth, ,the vets should be on our side.

Anyway, it is said that knowledge is power and you are, bless you, still doing a sterling job in that respect and again I say thank you,

Best Wishes,
frightened but still fighting,