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PRESS RELEASE Sunday, 18th November 2001



Professor Fred Brown OBE FRS Undergoes Triple Bypass Surgery



Professor Fred Brown collapsed with a heart attack on Plum Island, USA on Tuesday 13th November. It is with great relief that we learn that he is now making a good recovery in a New York hospital, having undergone triple by-pass surgery.


Those who have had the privilege of meeting Professor Brown and the audiences he has addressed, will vouch for the passion and integrity with which he imparts his incomparable lifelong knowledge of the scientific study of Foot and Mouth disease.


Throughout this disastrous epidemic, Professor Brown, whose razor sharp mind underlies a diplomatic, mild mannered approach, has been only too aware of the mistaken or ill conceived policies being followed. Sad to say, the frustration that this has caused him, and other learned scientists in the field whose ideas and offers of help have been consistently disregarded, misrepresented or sidelined, has undoubtedly been a contributory factor to his sudden illness.


His ability to contribute has finally been acknowledged - albeit after the event - and he has been chosen as a member of the Royal Society' s Inquiry. This has given great comfort and hope to us in the FMD Forum, as indeed to many others, because he is, in fact, the only panel member out of all three sub-divisions who has a profound knowledge of the disease. Therefore, it would be extremely unfortunate should ill health force Professor Brown to resign. Let us hope this does not happen, but if does, it is vital that he has a say in the appointment of a like-minded successor.


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