The Foot and Mouth - Full Public Enquiry March. ..notes by Hector Christie

On Saturday 27th October there will be a march in Gloucester to demand a full public enquiry in to the government's handling of Foot and Mouth. Please meet at 12:30 PM at THE PARK.

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Turn off at junction 11 to Gloucester,
turn right on A417
Over Causeway,
left ring road St Oswalds Rd leads to Priory road,
then Gouda Way into Black Dog Way into Bruton all part of ring road.
Just past the station there is a sign to the superstore and Metzs Way.
Turn left here into the ASDA/B&Q car park.

New Information

There is a pedestrian access via B&Q to The Park.

Here there will be speakers and music from Seize the Day. Gloucester is central and will provide an opportunity to meet others from around the country; until now just a voice on the end of a telephone. At 2:30 p.m. we will march on the local government Building, Shire Hall in the town centre (DEFRA building is sadly too far away). Please bring banners drums, etc. to lend to a colourful yet hard hitting and powerful day of non-violent direct action. We MUST all stick together and fight the appalling Welfare Cull which threatens to far outweigh the FMD crisis. The main thrust of the meeting is to decide which laws are currently irrevocably destroying our small farms. For example, the cruel utterly ridiculous movement restrictions and huge disinfection costs of private contractors. DEFRA are encouraging farmers to take the £10 per lamb on the welfare cull. I propose we take responsibility for our own stock movement, provided it's at least 3 months since the last FMD outbreak in the county ~ getting our own vet to double check they're clean if necessary. I'd like us to take a vote on such proposals - if enough of us do it there is nothing they can do.

Also, if we'd vaccinated this would not now be a concern, and if it hadn't been for the WTO we'd no doubt be eating the meat rather than incinerating it.

I'd like to discuss similar with regard to local produce. If possible I'd like to co-ordinate a core of twenty or so people who meet every two months to review and update tactics.

Our demand is simple.

We want a full enquiry before we are all wiped out by large faceless conglomerates who are rapidly claiming our land and heritage and become masters of our own futures.

We will then march back to the ASDA car park (approx. 3.30) where locally grown produce will be displayed on stalls, and copies of the leaflet handed out. Please, please email and tell everyone you can to get them to this vital march.

The police are being very helpful, they'd love to see a local Somerset apple in a Supermarket. We want to play ball by them

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