Well, could you tell us of any good news since June 30th?

June 30 Channel Four presents thought-provoking extended item on FMD

and the internet in preparation for Tuesday's (July 3rd) Despatches programme

June 23 Skipton farmers, farmers' wives, people in the street, fellow motorists and even some friendly police wave and cheer

the "drive slow" demonstration from Gisburn to Cracoe. See report for June 23

June 23 UPDATE on the Ward case North Tawton, Devon

- received June 23 ....they are holding out and DEFRA have now said that they will carry out a risk assessment of the sheep to see what the likelihood is that they pose a threat to other animals. There is a picture of Kathryn in the WMN with a DEFRA vet and a notice in front of her gate saying 'NO DEFRA OFFICIAL TO ENTER WITHOUT PERMISSION'. Kathryn, who is a vet herself, is quoted as saying, 'Part of our resistance has been the wish not to be pushed around. We have decided we won't be bullied, why should we?' She also said re her Jacob sheep, 'They are completely isolated. We don't have anyone in to do anything. We don't even need to get a vet in! The last time we had anyone in was to have them sheared last year'.

June 21 Grunty the pig saved from cull

......a Ministry of Agriculture inspector condemned the farm on June 14, which meant both pig and sheep faced the death sentence.

But Mr Justice Harrison refused to allow the cull to go ahead, saying he had been most influenced by the "impressive" scientific evidence before him that even if the animals turned out to be infected, "bearing in mind the number of animals and the distance they are away from neighbouring animals, there would not be a risk to neighbouring livestock"

June 12th The Osmans of Chittlehampton Farm Holocombe,

Nr. Wembworthy. Their sheep were slaughtered on Sunday and they were fighting to save their dairy herd and their son's Aberdeen Angus cattle. Supporters there on Monday dissuaded MAFF from taking out these healthy cattle - Maff officials said they were going to get an injunction, but there were fears that they would stike early in the morning, as they've done so often before, to leave no time for an appeal. At 3.25pm June 12th Mr Osman came out to announce there was to be no cull. Nick Harvey MP had given him the good news. He said that there are still some loose ends to tie up, he'd asked that he have his own vet monitoring his animals and he wants it in writing that they are not going to cull. Happy day for Mr Osman.

May 24

The Times newspaper runs an eight page pull-out feature on the FMD fiasco

May 23

MAFF has decided to withdraw from any court action to cull the Lloyds animals (see Priority action page)

May 22nd

Oaklands Park blood tests came back NEGATIVE

May 18th

(CAUTIOUS good news .. update on Jack and Diana Bennett's goats)

The animals could now be saved from slaughter. Jack and Diana Bennett's nanny goats, Pippa and Bella, have been told that vets had finally agreed to give the animals a blood test. .

The eight-year-old goats have been under threat because a neighbouring farm was confirmed with the disease two months ago. Bella and Pippa escaped the contiguous cull because they had been moved into a garden shed. MAFF took out an injunction, but the Bennetts refused the vets entry onto their land. They took legal advice. Tiverton and Honiton MP Angela Browning who wrote to MAFF minister Baroness Hayman. The couple asked again and again for a blood test to prove that the goats were free of foot-and-mouth - but MAFF officials always refused, saying the tests were only an option for cattle and pigs.

But yesterday they took samples from the threatened goats. A MAFF spokesman said the results of the test would not be known for at least eight days.

Received June 5th...

You kindly wrote about the plight of Pippa and Bella on your site about a month ago, the two pet goats that belong to Mr and Mrs Bennett in Tedburn St Mary Devon,well we got in contact with our local MP Mrs Angela Browning and explained the case to her and she wrote to MAFF and Lady Harman and demanded a blood test. They agreed to do one and now the goats have been saved. This really was a case of the little people standing up for what they believe in. Mr and Mrs Bennet would like to thank the many people who wrote to them or called them to give their support,it really helped them to be strong during that terrible time. Thank you all again,they really couldn't have done it without you.

May 15th

Scottish Executive Statement

The case at Mossburn has been adjourned and the Mossburn animals will be blood tested.

May 14th

Update on the pigs at Blackfordby Hall.

The A notice has been removed May 14th.

May 13th

Maff in Forest of Dean agrees to blood test animals on suspicion instead of killing first and testing afterwards.

May 10th

Maff have lifted the slaughter notice on the Thomas Everard's 980 cattle in Dulverton