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An important letter about the "Heart of England" movement

Viscountess Lowther is our Patron for Hearts of Britain.
Liz Lowther is a staunch supporter of all we are trying to do through the Hearts of Britain. As Liz is from a farming family living in Cumbria, the county most devastated by FMD over the past months, she is only too well aware of the task ahead of us, to aid recovery and build a secure and prosperous future for everyone. By no means just a figurehead, Liz will be very active with her constructive ideas, encouragement and support and we all look forward to working together with her to reach our goals.

JULY 20 Press release from Heart of Devon

Noel Edmonds' "Heart of Devon" is being extended to cover all of Britain, giving support to those whose lives have been affected by Foot and Mouth disease.

New Heart of Britain website (under construction)

If you would like to be involved in pressing for the end to the killing of healthy animals and for the setting up of a truly independent inquiry get in touch with yournearest Heart of Britain group - or set one up yourself.

Heart of Blackpool: Mary T Parry
Tel: 01253 856419
email: marytp@onetel.net.uk

Heart  of the Borders: John Greaves
Tel: 01573 430230
email: claudia.auchencrow@agriplus.net 

Heart of Buckinghamshire: Alicia Eykyn
Tel 01494 711649
email: am.eykyn@ntlworld.com

Heart of Cheshire: David Oakes 0161 476 1214
email: davidoakes@x-stream.co.uk

Heart of Cornwall: Ben Penhale 
email: bmb121@hotmail.com

Heart of Cumbria: 
Elaine Commander 01524 2272662
email: elaine@commander.clara.net
Nick Green 017683 62400
email: gatesgarth.cumbria@virgin.net

Heart of the Dales: Simon Foster
01729 830422

Heart of Devon: Lisa Robertson and Noel Edmonds
Tel: 01837 857851 Fax: 01837 851463
email: lrobertson@uniquegroup.co.uk

Heart of Essex: Sue
Tel: 01277 356191 or 01708 479248
email: EHolbeck@aol.com

Heart of Galloway: Andy Hurst
Galloway Timber. Low Craiglemine Organic Farm & Holiday Cottages, Whithorn, Newton Stewart, DG8 8NE
Tel: 01988 500730
email: enquiries@galloway.timber.co.uk

Heart of Hampshire: Jon Dobson
11 Ramsdell Road, Fleet GU51 1DB. 
Tel 01252 640291 (6pm-11pm); 
07932 734018 (Mobile, 7am-11pm) 
email: dobsonjon@hotmail.com

Heart of Herefordshire: Chris Stockdale
Tel/Fax: 01981 540177

Heart of Pershore/Worcester:  Ann
email: user105081@aol.com

Heart of Shropshire:  Val Sinclair
01691 662388 / 07721 416739
email: valsinclair@ukonline.co.uk

Heart of Somerset: Quita Allender
Laurel Cottage, Star, Somerset BS25 1QE
01934 844353 Fax 01934 842950
email: jacquita_a@hotmail.com

Heart of Sussex: 
East Sussex:Captain Bryn & Carol Wayt
Tanglewood, Cross in Hand, Heathfield TN21 0TU
Tel/Fax: 01435 864937
email: bryn@wayt.greatexcape.net

Heart of Wales: Michaela Bowles
Tel: 01686 668917
email: mail@equilibrate.co.uk

Worcester: See Pershore

Heart of Yorkshire: 
North: Pat & Roger Walker 01845 567471
email: roger_walker@tesco.net
and Sarah Husband 01947 880446
email: shusband@freeserve.co.uk
East: Andrew Hall 01759 368577
email: d2eorg@hotmail.com
See also Heart of the Dales

To register your group 
e-mail: register@heartofbritain.com

July 10th Message from Jane at Farmtalking
Hello there!
Andy Hurst, who has been so successful in quickly getting 'Heart of Galloway' off the ground and certainly 'up and running', has very kindly sent some 'Hints and Tips' for anyone wanting to start a Heart of Britain group. I have attached them here for your information and hope you will consider starting a group or joining one in your area. I will also e-mail, Fax or post them to anyone on request. Please visit the web site HEART OF BRITAIN where you will find a list and contact details for the Groups already started or you can register your own! There is also a message board on the site where information, ideas and successes can be exchanged! Please don't hesitate to contact me or Andy if you need more info. Good luck!
Best wishes and kind regards,
Jane Barribal - Farmtalking.com

Heart of Devon

Heart of Britain - A message from Farmtalking.com

Heart of Galloway and application form

Draft Constitution

June 27th From David at Heart of Cheshire

Heart of Britain - 10th June 2001

Some of you may already know that a meeting of interested parties took place at Messers Burges-Salmon in Bristol on Election Day, 7th June. I was invited to attend but as I have a 24/7 help-line was unwilling to abandon it for a whole day or more! Bristol is a fair distance from Berwick, and I don't want to let down those people, who rely on me to be here.

However, I understand the meeting was very successful and many ideas and information was exchanged. I am told a' Heart of Britain' committee has been formed and I'm sure it won't be too long before we hear more of their progress. I am sure everyone will join with me in wishing them the very best of luck and success in their endeavors on behalf of the 'Heart of Britain'. It seems a wonderful idea with the interests of the Country at Heart.

Meanwhile, I am pleased to say that following a fair amount of hard work and research by Andy Hurst a template constitution has been drawn up and kindly checked out by Legal Eagles in England and Scotland. The template constitution is now available for other Heart of Britain Groups who may wish to use it to set up their own local Group, anywhere in the Country. A copy is attached and you will note that the aims of the constitution are fairly broad, allowing for the different needs in various parts of Great Britain to be incorporated.

I am also delighted, that very generously, Andrew Hall, Editor of the Working Sheepdog News, has kindly donated the registrations of the following domain names -

Heart of Britain.com.-Heart of Britain.net-Heart of Britain.org

This will enable the Groups to have an Internet presence and he suggests that they could be used for Campaigning, Sales and Information respectively, with links to all the Groups around the Country. More news of this later once a webmaster is appointed to manage them, which may even be Andrew himself! The future is certainly starting to look brighter!

Jane Barribal - Farmtalking.com


The 'Heart of Galloway' FMD Countryside Support Group was recently formed to help people address some of the problems that fmd has bought to the countryside.

'Heart of Galloway' is holding a meeting on Monday the 2nd July 2001 7.30pm at the County Buildings, Wigtown. Could anyone who was at the last meeting let us know if they are coming or not.

June 19th Report of first meeting

If you are Concerned, Confused, Frustrated or Angry over the way the FMD Crisis is affecting you, join the 'Heart of Galloway' FMD Countryside Support Group at an open meeting at the Wigtown County Buildings on Monday 18th. June 2001 at 7.30pm

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Introduction by Alistair McConnachie - journalist and FMD justice campaigner, followed by a presentation of the aims of the group, then time to talk on how it has affected you and ways of moving issues forward.

The aims of the group have been identified as :-

Helping people to overcome financial, mental and physical problems relating to the effects of FMD and its consequences.

Asking questions and trying to get answers and actions, relating to FMD and related issues that are not being asked, answered or addressed by our elected reps, councils, government bodies, etc.

Putting people in touch with legal advice and expertise.

Calling for a true and open review/inquiry into the handling of the outbreak, examining the reasons for the spread of the disease and demanding a more open and accountable handling of countryside problems in the future.

Calling for a change in government policy in relation to FMD, animal diseases, farming and the countryside.

Interacting with other FMD self help and other relevant groups, locally, nationally and internationally.

Establishing a data base of information and issues to help achieve the aims.

Encouraging sustainable farming systems and rural economies.

The group is open to anyone who is affected by FMD, i.e. people who live in the countryside, tourist businesses, farmers, small holders, pet owners, rural businesses, tourists, vets, health workers and people who are concerned about the countryside and agrees with the groups stated aims.

Come along and add your support. Print out application form


Andy Hurst

Galloway Timber
Low Craiglemine Organic Farm
Low Craiglemine Organic Farm Holiday Cottages
Low Craiglemine
Newton Stewart
Scotland DG8 8NE
tel. 01988500730


www.kirkmoor.com/lowcraiglemine/ Check out www.farmtalking.com Report of the Meeting


HEART OF BRITAIN - Groups (Suggested Constitution for Individual Groups)

1. Name: The name of the organisation shall be "Heart of Britain - (someplace)
2. Aims: The aims of the group are to:- Support and promote all those persons who live, work or have an interest in the countryside.
Ensure the preservation of the democratic and human rights of country dwellers.
Co-operate as a group to aid the community in the preservation of rural life, landscape & Industries
Link with other Heart of Britain Groups across the United Kingdom to promote these aims.
3. Membership: The group is open to anyone who lives, works or has an interest in the Countryside and agrees with the group's aims. Membership applications to be proposed and seconded by members & approved by the committee on submission of an application form and receipt of the annual membership fee.
4. Committee: A committee comprised of at least 4 members should be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting by majority vote and the committee will have the power of co-opting of others to the committee.
5. Office bearers: Office bearers shall be Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary with other positions of responsibility decided by the committee.
6. Subscription: Subscription All members will pay annual subscriptions as the Committee may determine.
7. Finance: All monies raised by the group will be paid into a Bank Account in the name of the group. Two signatures of committee members shall be required to withdraw monies from the said Account. A sum of up to #50.00 can be held by the treasurer as petty cash. A record of transactions will be maintained and audited annually and presented to the Annual General Meeting.
8. Annual General Meeting: Every year on or around the twelve month anniversary of the inaugural meeting.
9. Meetings: Meetings will be held as often as deemed necessary. Special General meetings may be convened at any time by the committee.
10. Rules and Procedures: Voting-Meetings - All questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote thereat. Quorum - A quorum shall consist of 4 elected members.
Minutes - Minutes of all meetings shall be keep by the secretary appointed for such a purpose.
11. Alterations to Constitution: Alterations to the constitution are only valid if passed by a majority of those present at either an A.G.M. or a Special General meeting.

12. Dissolution: In the event of dissolution of the group, any funds remaining shall be transferred to any group deemed by the serving committee to have similar aims to the group.


From David at Heart of Cheshire

I just thought I would let you know that the two petitions I set up this morning in Stockport. Created about 150-200 names and addresses, ( one was to stop the culling of healthy animals) the other was for a public ENQUIRY.Then I had a 1/2 hr interview with the local radio station, not live, but he made a tape of our chat. Bag of nerves, he will let me know if it us going on air. Hope to do another table top petition, soon may be two. Trying to get more into my group, wherever I go.

Regards to all
David Oakes
Heart of Cheshire davidoakes@x-stream.co.uk TOP