So the virus can jump? This is the feeblest excuse yet for germ warfare.

In Brighton, the Fabian Society (Shaw would turn in his grave) held a meeting called The Future of Farming, sponsored by the Crop Protection Society. (ie the GM food lobby. I am just getting used to everyone's title saying the opposite of what they stand for. The Country Landowners Association have become the Country land and business Association, although they have not bothered to change their initials.)

The Future of Farming had a platform of the head Fabian, Barbara Young, Ben Gill and Elliot Morley (Late. Not dead. He makes a practice of arriving late and leaving early, but makes up for the short time he gives us by talking twice as fast.) All 3 left me in shock. Barbara Young was all about money and how much of it we can get from Europe. She said she saw a small place for organic farming, because they sell expensive products.

Ben Gill said "productivity" is the word and used it enough times to over-rule all objectors. He can't wait to get the live export trade going again. He didn't say that in so many words, but did say he thought we could support high numbers of sheep but in different places.
"Profitability" Gill: Foot and Mouth has been traumatic, but the good thing to come out of it is farmers, specially tenant farmers, can sit back and take stock. They're off the treadmill. And many of the older ones are deciding to leave the industry. (This is not his exact wording, but the gist is right.)

Elliot Morley said he was going to end subsidies and call them something else which escapes me.

They don't even bother to hide the fact that they want to get rid of small farmers. They just dress it up in the jargon of market forces.

Not a word about Foot and Mouth and questions were taken in bunches of 6, ensuring that the panel could ignore any they didn't like.

Margaret Beckett had been recalled to London.

Having seen them in the flesh, I am even more shocked and appalled than I am when I see the results of their incompetence in the fields.