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Temporary 'Hub' Office

2, Howpark Farm Cottages, Grantshouse, Duns, Berwickshire, TD11 3RP

Tel: 01361-850282 - www.heartofbritain.com - e-mail: heartofbritain@aol.com



Hello everyone,


I am sure you will all be delighted to welcome Viscountess Lowther as our Patron for Hearts of Britain.


Liz Lowther is a staunch supporter of all we are trying to do through the Hearts of Britain. As Liz is from a farming family living in Cumbria, the county most devastated by FMD over the past months, she is only too well aware of the task ahead of us, to aid recovery and build a secure and prosperous future for everyone. By no means just a figurehead, Liz will be very active with her constructive ideas, encouragement and support and we all look forward to working together with her to reach our goals.


From a tentative idea a few months ago, the Hearts of Britain have rapidly grown and continue to progress. Already twenty Groups are registered across the Country and several more are in the pipeline. Farmers' markets and co-operatives are to be developed and many other new initiatives are being researched. We expect to be working alongside and co-operating with many different associations and organizations both town and country based.


The original Logo, designed by Dot Boag, is appearing on 'T' shirts all around the country and is likely to be available on gentlemen's ties and headscarves on the near future. Each Heart Group can adopt this logo or design their own of course. Many Groups will probably also want to launch their own web site and I'm sure you'll be interested to know that Heart of Cumbria have already done so and it's excellent! Thanks to Julian Thurgood of Instinct Training Ltd.

Take a look at it here: http//:www.heartofcumbria.com


As you will have noticed from the above address, this will be the temporary 'Hub' office for Heart of Britain, with a telephone number and e-mail address, 'manned' 24 hours every day, alongside Farmtalking.com.


However, all the Groups are able to contact each other through the addresses displayed on the Heart of Britain website. We are hoping to arrange a secure server for purchases via the web site in the near future. Meanwhile, the Heart of Britain 'T' shirts, available for all the Groups, can be ordered through Susan Staunton Tel: 01466-740233. The sale of your 'T's' is an excellent way of raising funds for your Group.


The article 'What is Heart of Britain' has been re-vamped and with Andy Hurst's 'Hints & Tips' for new Groups, can be downloaded and printed off from the Message Board files, on both the Heart of Britain and Farmtalking websites. Or of course, I can e-mail, fax or post them all to anyone on request.


I do hope all the Groups will copy the Petitions to Parliament, to be presented by David McLean MP and Bill Cash MP, in the same way and get as many signatures as possible by the closing dates, 30th September & 15th November, respectively.


The 'BIG' Demo on Saturday 20th October will be a March from Speakers Corner, Hyde Park to Downing Street. Instigated by our Patron, Viscountess

Lowther, we hope all other Groups and Associations will join us on the day!

If you are organizing a coach party from your area, please let me know so I can pass the details to others who may be interested.


Don't forget that if you are holding a Heart of Britain meeting in your area, please let me know and send the details to Andrew Hall at the Heart of Britain website, we can then advertise them on the 'What's On' pages for you.

Remember you can also use the Heart of Britain Message Board to exchange ideas and ask questions!

Find it here - http://www.smartgroups.com/groups/heartofbritain


Good luck to everyone - I'll be writing again soon!


Jane Barribal

Heart of Britain - Hub office