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Foot and Mouth Inquiries

- terms of reference

Inquiry into the lessons to be learned

from the foot and mouth disease outbreak of 2001 and the way the Government should handle any future major animal disease outbreak, to be chaired by Dr Iain Anderson;

Scientific review by the Royal Society

of questions relating to the transmission, prevention and control of epidemic outbreaks of infectious disease in livestock, committee to be chaired by Sir Brian Follett FRS;

Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food

, as pledged by the Government, to be chaired by Sir Don Curry. Stakeholders Meeting


Royal Society

Please do send submissions of any length or complexity - even one or two lines - to the Royal Society Inquiry or to the Secretary of the inquiry is Dr Geoffrey Findlay at the Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG. Tel 020 7451 2569, fax 020 7451 2692. E-mail:

Royal Society Inquiry commissioned by the UK Government into Infectious Diseases in Livestock
The Royal Society sent these explanatory notes.


B: Members of the Committee Professor Sir Brian Follett (Chairman) FRS University of Oxford and former Vice Chancellor of the University of Warwick

Mr Peter Allen Farmer and Chairman of the National Farmers' Union Less Favoured Areas Committee
Professor Patrick Bateson FRS Provost of Kings College, University of Cambridge, Biological Secretary of Royal Society
Mr David Black Practising Veterinarian
Professor Fred Brown FRS US Department of Agriculture, Plumb Island Animal Disease Centre
Mr Roger Eddy Senior Vice President of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and practicing veterinarian.
Ms Suzi Leather Deputy Chair, Food Standards Agency
Professor Simon Levin Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
Professor Karl Linklater Principal, Scottish Agricultural College
Ms Jeanette Longfield Co-ordinator of Sustain
Professor Ian McConnell Dept of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge
Dr Angela Maclean Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
Professor Andrew McMichael FRS Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford
Dr Jenny Mumford Animal Health Trust, Newmarket
Professor Robin Weiss FRS Windeyer Institute of Medical Science, University College London

Food and Farming Policy Commission

the Food and Farming Policy Commission (DonaldCurry) The website

Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food
Room LG12
Admiralty Arch
The Mall

Telephone: 020-7270 0613
Facsimile: 020-7270 0168


The deadline for responses is 26 October.

"We are happy to receive submissions after this date, but we cannot guarantee that they will be considered by the Commission. I know this timescale is very short. This is because we need to finish our report by the end of year, so it can be used in preparations for CAP renegotiation and the Government's 3-yearly financial review."

"Regional stakeholder meetings: We are in the process of arranging a series of stakeholder meetings around the country, to be held in the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November. Details of times and dates will be posted here when they are available." Members have been appointed in a personal capacity, taking account of their background and expertise. They have not been appointed as representatives of any organisation. Membership of the Commission

Chairman: Sir Donald Curry CBE, farmer (Northumberland) and former chair of the Meat and Livestock Commission

Helen Browning OBE, organic farmer (Wiltshire) Chair of the Soil Association
Sir Peter Davis, Group Chief Executive, Sainsbury's plc. Chair of Business in the Community
Iain Ferguson, QC, Senior Vice-President, Unilever plc.
Deirdre Hutton CBE, Chair, National Consumers' Council
DeAnne Julius, economist, former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)
Fiona Reynolds CBE, Director-General, National Trust
Mark Tinsley, farmer (Lincolnshire)
David Varney, Chairman, BT Wireless.
Graham Wynne, Chief Executive, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Commission Secretariat The Commission is supported by a secretariat based in the Cabinet Office.
Secretary: James Quinault Other staff: Philip Andrews Diana Linskey Kerry Thomson Anthony Zacharzewski

Oct 5 ~ Audit Office wants views on virus

DEADLINE 13 November

PEOPLE affected by foot-and-mouth are being urged to e-mail the National Audit Office with their views on how the outbreak has been handled. National Audit Office announces foot and mouth consultation. Parliament's independent watchdog, the National Audit Office, is using the web to seek contributions to its current investigation into how the foot and mouth outbreak has been handled by the government.
Farmers, vets, rural businesses and others affected by the crisis are being invited to email submissions or comments in respect of the four broad questions being considered by the NAO investigation:

1. Contingency planning

. How well prepared was the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (now the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to deal with a major outbreak of foot and mouth disease; did the contingency plan cover the contingency?

2.Handling of the crisis

. How effectively were contingency plans put into effect and how well were changes to the plans coped with? How well did government departments and other agencies, in particular DEFRA, cope with the outbreak?

3. Cost-effectiveness.

Was action taken in a cost-effective manner, taking into account the conditions under which the departments and agencies were operating? How were levels of compensation determined? Have there been adequate controls against irregularity?

4. Cost

. What has been the cost of the outbreak in terms both of public expenditure and of wider economic or environmental costs?

Lessons Learned Inquiry set up on December 14th

UK set to learn from foot-and-mouth
Farmers Weekly

By Isabel Davies THE inquiry into the lessons to be learned from Britain's foot-and-mouth has been formally launched after months of waiting for the epidemic to end.
The inquiry, one of three announced by Rural Affairs Secretary Margaret Beckett in August, is being chaired by Dr Iain Anderson.
Its aim is to develop a view on the way that the government should handle any future animal disease outbreaks in the UK.
It is due to report back to Prime Minister Tony Blair within six months.
Dr Anderson said it was essential lessons were learned as foot-and-mouth was one of the most traumatic events since the Second World War.
"Today, there has been no confirmed case of foot and mouth disease since 30 September: It is now time for this independent Inquiry to begin.
"The inquiry will be inclusive, and seeks views from everyone as to what lessons should be learned from the catastrophic outbreak of foot-and-mouth."
The Country Land and Business Association said it was pleased the inquiry was about to start, but it was worried about the integrity of its findings.
CLA president Edward Greenwell said the organisation had always believed the inquiries must be held in public.
"The foot-and-mouth outbreak affected millions of people in all sorts of ways, many of which were wholly unexpected and highly damaging.
"People need to be reassured that this inquiry, in particular, asked the right questions and got the right answers."
A spokeswoman from the National Farmers' Union said it was preparing a submission to go into the inquiry in the New Year.
The inquiry has published a framework document which sets out the general approach Dr Anderson wants to take and a rough timetable

FMD inquiry rejects cronyism accusations

UPDATE 21 - A tale of two inquiries
Dr Richard North