I'm sending the video and a set of the four photos I have, though the photos were originally taken by JEAN DIXON'S partner.

At the funeral, could you please say that Elli and the supporters of STOP ANIMAL DEATHS who met Dot at the "funeral cortege" - were very saddened to hear of her death - and remember her big heart and her fighting spirit.

We were uplifted by her encouragement and her commitment and we were glad to chatter with had and have an exchange of views. It confirmed our scepticism - but meant we had another really supportive friendly contact. All credit must go to Jean (Dixon) for organising that London demonstration.

The beginning of the video shows Edward, my brother, using a cleaning agent and the high pressure washer to wash down the walls of a shed; that was in April 2001. Then you can see us assembling at Hyde Park trundling to Smith Square and holding a brief service in commemoration of livestock..

The SAD members had held a celebration of life service. Also we held a funeral cortege in Sedgefield on the eve of the election.....and i'd got Skip ton jean at Skipton, but I do not recall whether Dot was at that. I provide these notes to amplify the video which is very short but I was of course trying to participate in the procession.

I am a Methodist and I happen to feel that Dot is only in another place though I am very upset as I type this. We have had so much loss and parting - and my sister and I are still struggling with DEFRA. No one should be. There has been no closure.

with all best wishes, ELLI