A meal for two costing a mere £500 in a London restaurant.  The restaurant cost 10 million pounds to convert.  It is for 'sad people who have nothing better to do with £500', was one food critics comment.  Never the less, he did admit that they seemed to be doing a jolly good trade.  But, he gives them about 2 years - then they will run out of customers. Or their customers will run out of money.
$45 for a beefburger in America that runs out at about £25.  Never did fast food cost so much.  The owner of the outlet said he uses best American Kolbe Beef. To those of us who remain ignorant about this meat ( myself included) they say it gets fed beer and receives massagers.  Amongst other things. It is NOT served with ketchup (shame on you) but all manner of mouth watering dressings. Champagne being one - should it need any, at that price is my question? Are these burgers selling?  You bet they are!
Like hot 'burgers'.
Sometimes you get the feeling that the World has gone mad in its search for new ideas. I am not looking for fancy gimmicky food - just good food.
why oh why cannot we not have good quality food at sensible prices.  Why should the supermarkets hold ALL the cards (and they do).  Mass produced, cheap and heavens knows what is in it - let alone  where it came from.  Why, if we want nice things should it have to be at silly prises.  If producers were allowed to sell their produce on the high streets - at sensible competitive prices - I remain convinced they would sell, we the customer would be happy - and the farmer/grower/producer would make his or her living. From this we could achieve better welfare standards I am sure. The people who still wanted to shop in the Supermarkets would still be able to.
I was watching a programme about a family who had left the UK to live in France.  She was shopping at her local market (where she bought everything.  These are the words she used - smell, taste, see, touch.  A reawakening of the senses was how she now described shopping.  The market was alive and bustling. 
Cannot say that about shopping in the good old British supermarket can you. More  a dulling of the senses.
Next time you are in a supermarket - watch people.  They go from isle to isle like robots.  Out comes the arm and into the trolley  goes the product.  They hardly look at what they are buying, as they know where everything is and what it is!  Well almost.  I once saw one lady reading the packet of a frozen meal, she asked someone 'what is zucchini.? A 'courgette' she was told.  'What do they taste like'? was her next question.  Vegetable - the zucchini - that is!