A new discussion list
"bythehorns" is a site created by a UK farmer, for UK farmers.
It has one simple aim. That aim is to improve communications between farmers in an attempt to break down our individualistic image that too many other people are benefiting from.

How often have you wondered if you are buying, selling and producing as efficiently as you could be?
How often have you read articles in the farming press describing revolutionary new methods that leave you wishing you could communicate direct with the farmer involved?

As farmers we are unique in that we rarely discuss our methods with others and often refuse to admit to ourselves that there is a better way. Sometimes I wonder if there is an unwritten rule book that disallows farmers to discuss matters amongst themselves. Farmers could compete with each other when their produce was marketed through the local Corn Exchange. To compete amongst ourselves now is suicidal, our new Corn Exchange is the world market and the UK is effectively one big producer.

"bythehorns" allows us a FREE source of communication and information and your identity does not even have to be revealed. It will be as successful as WE want it to be and I would be pleased to receive emails with your views on how the site could be improved for our benefit.

"bythehorns" ......turning a bullied group into a driving force