I did not think much of the BBC's much trumpeted exposure last night.

I think it was written by Trading Standards and the Food Standards Agency.

They did not do small farmers any favours

A dodgy farmer, a dodgy butcher, the obligatory Asian slaughterman, and aTesco supplier owned by an Asian.Actually, the Tesco supplier didn't look that bad to me. Worse goes on the Page Street canteen, I imagine. It was fairly obvious that the butcher was partly exaggerating. The "farmer" site  was disgusting.

Stitching up minorities, small scale-farming and bashing the supermarkets.They must have taken a course in Page Street on frame-ups. Rule 1 - blame somebody most people have a prejudice about. Preferably a scam that you have known about for ages and done nothing to stop. That way you can be sure it will be good on camera when your brave lads and lassies raid with their clipboards at the ready.

I didn't notice anyone asking Trading Standards why they had done nothing about a case they already knew about. Perhaps they  thought they would let them poison a few hundred people so that they would have the evidence to shut them down.

Still very soon we are going to get the chance to ask the boss of the FSA why he ignores whistle-blowers dealing with BIG food safety scams.