Alistair McConnachie writes: During the FMD Scandal of 2001, Janet Hughes,
from Montgomery, Wales, was appalled at the needless slaughter she saw in
the Brecon Beacons and surrounding area, and she vowed to stop it.

Knowing she needed a "personal interest" to take the government to court,
she purchased 10 Welsh Cross-Cheviot sheep from a Brecon's grazier. On 16
August 2001, Janet launched an Injunction against the National Assembly of
Wales and MAFF, to stop the culling.

This action immediately stopped the culling on the Beacons.

The Court hearing was heard on the 21 August 2001, and as well as attempting
to take out an Injunction, Janet also applied for a Judicial Review of
government policy. A Judicial Review is an official review of government
policy which will determine its legality.

Unfortunately, however, she was denied both an Injunction and a Judicial
Review of the slaughter policy.

However, on 27 August 2001 she lodged an Appeal against this decision, and
since the court hearing of 21 August, only 120 sheep were ever culled on the
entire Beacons. This cull was on the 27 August 2001 and was only a small
percentage of a flock belonging to a farmer who had already signed the form
giving killing authority.

However, her legal action, although unsuccessful, effectively ended the
culling policy in Wales.

Dafydd Morris, from the Council of the Welsh Highland Shepherds believes
that had it not been for her, then DEFRA would have continued to slaughter
throughout the Beacons and into North Wales.

On the 30 January 2002, Janet Hughes appealed in Cardiff against being
denied a Judicial Review, but was unsuccessful there also.

Janet Hughes has demonstrated an astonishing degree of selflessness and
social conscience.

Farmers throughout Wales have a lot to thank this woman for, and it is a
national scandal that her efforts are so little known or appreciated,
especially by those who ought to be thanking her.

We reported her court cases on our website at

Not surprisingly, DEFRA have never forgotten - nor forgiven - Janet for her
successful efforts which stopped them in their bloody tracks.

On Tuesday 28 January 2003, DEFRA sent round the bailiffs to Janet's house,
demanding #17,000 in costs for the August 2001 court case, even though they
know she is unable to meet these costs.

So far, she has listed her car, and her son's toy jeep among other things
for the bailiffs to take away.

As supporter Sue Burton told SOVEREIGNTY: "DEFRA sent in their Bailiffs
today to list her possessions. They've terrified both Janet and her
12-year-old son Matthew. Janet fought the case to help end the killing of
the Brecon Beacon sheep - it was a fight that many of us believed in, but
couldn't fight - she had the courage to stand up and take on that fight.
Matthew has stood beside his Mum and supported her. Tonight he's
inconsolable. It's appalling that they're facing losing their possessions -
as a family they've given enough towards the FMD fight. We need to help
anyway we can."

Donations to help can be made payable to "Save Our Sheep Appeal", Laurel's
Cottage, Churchstoke, Montgomery, Powys, SY15 6SR, Telephone/Fax: 01588 620
591. Or paid into any branch of the Nationwide Building Society Trust
Acc no: 0863/703 560 350, Sort Code 07-00-93, 33333334