I actually listened to David Kings interview on R4 Decemeber 18th.  I was so shocked by this man's arrogance that I posted to the Farmtalking group within 20 mins of the interview ending. I wonder how many other people lisening knew that what he was saying was sheer 'untruths'. How do they(the Kings of this World)  think we feel when we listen to their version of how 'Labour' saved the Countryside.  Then to have to listen to them say 'that nothing has altered'.  That basically we would go down the same road again - because there are NO alternatives.   How many people have swallowed and believe this version of accounts?  How many people actually remember that we DO have alternatives? We always did...
To hear one of the people (responsible for the mass cull ) say that handling of 'fmd' was something to 'celebrate' I think I am correct in saying that was the word he used - CELEBRATE, was stomach churning. I did write to  complain (but the interview was done and dusted).  David King got his Knighthood from it , so I guess he was soon to be 'celebrating'.
The interviewer wanted to move onto other areas once the fmd topic had been hammered (some 2 mins if that).  'Yes, please do ask me questions about other matters', (breathing a sigh of relief) uttered David King.  After all why would he want to waste his time talking about something that happened months ago - and is all over - and was a celebration. 
The 'truth' is becoming one of the most misused words in the English language these days.