A Message from Jane Barribal at Farmtalking.com

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I hope everyone realises that over the past ten days and continuing tomorrow - the most massive massacre of farmed livestock has, and is, taking place in Cumbria.

The Government's complete lack of responsibility, now threatens the red deer in the Cumbrian hills.

As we approach the six month dateline of this FMD outbreak in the U.K.,to those of us involved, it is crystal clear that the Government has never had any intention of contolling the virus.

If control of the virus were the object of the excersise a vaccination programme would have been set in place months ago and we might well have returned to FMD Free status by now. (As proven by Holland earlier this year).

For some reason they have yet to explain, our Government has chosen to slaughter millions of animals, in the most barbaric fashion, robbing thousands of farming families, allied trades and country based business enterprises of their livlihoods and way of life. They've inflicted stinking pyres and burial pits on other areas, further polluting the land, sea, rivers, streams and the air we breathe.

Gentle country people have been so easy to isolate and intimidate. Curious cows and silly sheep the easiest creatures to gather and kill. Inflicting fear and pain on these innocents, not to feed or clothe the human race but simply to rid us of them, for a purpose we do not understand.

I find the most horrific aspect of this tragedy to be the fact that among all the millions of people in this Country, only a handful, give a damn.

Jane Barribal - Farmtalking.com