Who's pulling the strings at the BBC? Have you SEEN the report about poor Kirstin? It uses the totally ludicrous headline "Pet Owner Guilty of Cull Attack"


Kistin and her poor goat were merely in the wrong place when these clowns decided that one loved pet - never ever in contact with the disease - was of such danger to the livestock of Scotland that it had to be killed - and killed, what's more, behind the owners' back in circumstances that should make every citizen of this country appalled and ashamed. No wonder Kirstin went wild for a few moments when she was faced with her pet's warm dead body.

What IS the BBC up to with this report. It really is using languiage to make it seem as though Kirstin was soemhow the guilty party in all this - using her surname alone and calling her "the accused"? I have lost all respect for the BBC and, reading between the lines of your website, it looks like you have too. Regards.