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This week I replied to Mr Morley's consultation paper.

Not that I think I will do any good but if you don't voice an opinion they can say you dont care.

I was concerned that one of the Govt's reasons for wider slaughter implied that they would consider it as a clearing exercise to re-open the countryside.

I stress it didnt say that in so many words - just my suspicious interpretation of it.

My comment was on the lines that it would be unethical for any vet to suggest that was a valid reason for slaughter of healthy animals and that any criticism of Zimbabwe was a bit rich if the same tactics were going to be operated over here.

I wondered at the time if I had gone a bit over the top. One must try and be constructive after all.

However I was horrified this morning to see a report on the Farmers Weekly website with my very interpretation headlined as the Government's new contingency plan.

Please, everyone, e-mail your dissent to DEFRA. The consultation document process closes this Friday - 15th March