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Dear Ron,

Do acquire your sheep for your 30 acres. No one can guarantee that DEFRA will not get their hands on them just as I cannot guarantee that my own will not befall the same fate, but do not give up the idea. They will give you enormous pleasure and you will give them a wonderful home.

I took the mail to the post in the next town today and came back a different way to the usual main road route. I passed only two groups of sheep where previously all the fields would have been full. We have not been culled out in this area, people have just given up sheep - they are not economic.

Fortunately, mine do not have to be strictly economic and I will persevere inspite of DEFRA , SEAC and all the rest of them because that is what I want to do. I fear greatly for my breeding flock but I would rather live with that fear than have been without them in the first place. So if you really want those sheep, go for it Ron - and may I wish you the very best of good luck! As was once famously said .... "Don't let the ba***rds get you down!"