We are now facing the total destruction of our animals -

Cumbria has lost over 80%.

The final part of our 35,000 signature petition was presented on October 31st. See priority page

Culling is of such proportions that for 2 "confirmed" cases, 17,000 animals were killed.

The Animal Health Amendment Bill prepares the way for the killing of 40 million sheep - but far worse, it gives DEFRA almost unlimited powers to slaughter at will, making it an offence to refuse to give up our animals, healthy or not. This could apply to ANY animals. PLEASE PLEASE join Hilary and me to show your disgust at the way this government just kills everything regardless of the devastating effect on people who live and work in the countryside.

If you can take round one of my new petitions please contact me

Jean Dixon, 18, 3 Peaks, Ingleton, LA6 3DL
Phone: 07950 728196.

(warmwell adds -or please continue to collect signatures for the official House of Commons petition by printing it out here)

Blair hasn't listened to 30,000.

He is still responsible for the killing.

MAKE him listen to the people of this country who are horrified at his complete disregard for animal life or human livelihood."