We have received the following concerned email about the guide below...

Dear Editor,

While we applaud your 'Farming Guide for Defra' [FW 26th October 2001]; and agree that such a guide is needed, we are concerned that, in its present form, it might compound Defra's confusion. The item in the centre of the bottom row, labelled "milk (from cows)" looks remarkably like some of the milk from sheep which we produce on our farm - and even like some of the milk from goats that we have seen. We suggest that it would be prudent to advise DNA tests to ensure that further embarassing confusion of the bovine, ovine - and caprine is avoided.

Yours sincerely,

Karen & Lawrence Wright
Middle Campscott Farm
EX34 8LS

Dear Mr and Mrs sheep farmer,

How wright you are. We are deeply concerned also to learn from another complainant that the picture of the secretary and the cow are interchangeable. Indeed there is even something of the sheep in the portrait of the secretary. We feel that although a sheep's performance in the Commons could well be an improvement on the secretary's, certainly as far as the quality of voice production is concerned, the secretary might find herself with a large red paint spot on her rump - or worse. We therefore agree that the guide should be scrapped along with the department.