Open Letter

To whoever it may concern

Re: Blood Testing in the Brecon Beacons

Blood Test Results

The information I have is that 4000 sheep were tested in the Brecons over the weekend of the 21st-22nd July and the 1st test ELISA results were returned on Wednesday for 600 of the sheep. Of the 600 tests, 112 of the sheep were found antibody positive. No VNT (positive virus testing) was performed. No second tests were performed.

An emergency meeting at the Welsh Assembly was held the same day, and it was decided that all 4000 sheep were to be culled. I was in contact with Animal Health Cardiff that day, and their understanding was that no tests were to be returned until Friday 27th July, and also confirmed to me that Page Street had made no decision on what to do when the results were received.

Inadequacy of testing

I was in Brecon on the 27th July and filmed using a video camera the blood testing procedures that were taking place. The biosecurity I have recorded confirms:

The vet teams wore no gloves, no hepa filter masks, no head covering. They penned at least 300 sheep together in a small compound together, and then filtered them one by one handling each one. When the blood testing was taking place under a red tarpaulin, I have video that bare hands were being used, but I do believe that needles were being changed, and that tagging and labelling seemed to be taking place.
I also filmed vet teams waving loose pieces of clothing and wearing jumpers wrapped around their waists when gathering the animals.

As has been seen on National TV, Pirbright's testing laboratory has operatives testing blood samples with no gloves and no masks.

According to expert advice I have had first hand from Dr Paul Sutmuller, Prof. Fred Brown and Dr Bill Nelson, these procedures will cause cross contamination. They will also, if live virus is present, cause the virus contamination to become extreme.

I have had a verbal statement from a former Defra vet who said that on a farm he worked with, the first tests came back 11 positive, the second 4 positive, and then when they did a swab test no positives were found. If interested, I can approach this contact; I suspect he would be willing to sign anonymously if a solicitor would like to take his statement.

I can provide the video evidence, and am willing to stand as witness to any of the above.

Jon Dobson
07932 734018