Letters in the Journal January 22

The Journal,


It's a great pity the satirical magazine 'Private Eye' called their excellent investigation into Foot and Mouth Disease, 'Not the Foot and Mouth report' because that would surely have been a fitting description for Prof. Dower's recently completed Northumberland inquiry. An inordinate length of time was wasted listening to every Quango, Council Department, Trade and Leisure organisation and minority pressure group in the county pleading their case for compensation; while the real issues of F&MD and the lessons to be learnt, were given scant attention. Elli Logan expressed the feelings of many when she was driven to despair and interrupted the proceedings on the final day.

The only breath of fresh air was John Whaley's excellent presentation on vaccination during Tuesday afternoon, explaining the problems caused by EU regulations which explicitly forbid routine vaccination.

The agenda was cleverly manipulated to direct the inquiry away from the real issues, so no doubt the obvious conclusion will also be avoided: the epidemic could easily have been controlled with vaccination.

Above all the obscenity of slaughter must never, ever, ever, ever happen again.


John S. Pearson

2 West Cottages
19th January 2001

The Editor
The Journal
Thomson House
Newcastle upon Tyne

Dear Editor

I should like to compliment The Journal for their excellent daily reports on the Foot and Mouth Inquiry. I did in fact attend the afternoon session on Tuesday and was extremely disappointed in the way in which the discussion was conducted. Clearly members of the public were not allowed to either comment or ask questions.

I was therefore delighted to read in Saturday's Journal that one lady had the guts to stand up and question the panel. Congratulations Mrs. Logan, on your attempt to draw public attention to the fact that many of the Government's actions taken during the epidemic were not only barbaric, but frequently illegal.

It is quite clear that Tony Blair was instructed by the EU to rid Britain of 25% livestock and 40% farmers in order to secure his position as future president of the new European super state. The foot and mouth disease was a great excuse!

Yours sincerely

Lynne Thompson