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Before I explored warmwell tonight, I began this e-mail.....our thoughts run along the same lines!

The first bit I picked out....Robert Persey.... "Perhaps the logical way forward would be to make the UK an 'animal free zone' and then we would not have to worry about FMD or any other disease."

I am not sure he actually realises how TRUE this remark will prove to be.


Deathray strategy.... 4 THE countryside will be kept open and livestock slaughtered rather than vaccinated if there is another foot-and-mouth outbreak.

This follows on quite neatly to Robert's statement. We haven't even managed to dent the bastards yet.....

Animal Death Bill......will aid the above beautifully, no need for a repeat of resisting animal owners, and/or court cases and the enquiries that we are 'allowed' this time around.


PETA, Animal Rights, and Vegan basic dogma is "There are NO good animal-human interactions. All domestic animals must be extinct as soon as possible."

Brent has already sussed this out before most of us and has been trying to warn us.

I defy anyone reading the above points and the masses of surrounding information to deny that there is a 'no longer hidden' agenda here and that most, if not all, the conspiracy theories are parts of ONE truth.

We are still asleep and being ruled by EVIL.