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"Those that were alive and witnessing the mass killing of their forerunners, were trying to bury themselves under the bodies of recently killed ewes"

This has really got to me and upset me as much as the poor ewes in labour etc did.

We have just dosed our sheep, they know us well, but even so they do not like being handled closely and drenched and think of these poor sheep with strangers, in a stinking hell hole of death like this is just too much......I'm sure you feel the same, I just needed to put this into words as my imagination can't cope!

Sorry for the rant, but this needs to be published far and of the days people might NOTICE that these creatures are not simply the "food animals" Nick Brown would like us to believe, and should be treated with respect even at the point of slaughter.

I know much is made of the cruelty element of halhal [spelling?] but this done by someone experienced is nowhere near as bad as the slaughter cruelty that has occurred under the government's policy.