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I read your message today with a sad heart. I have had a sad heart ever since they started killing animals unnecessarily, and still feel now the shock I did then that it could be happening in Britain, a country whose people (I thought) were sympathetic to the natural world and its 4-legged inhabitants.

I still think we are, except for the people who rule us, but no longer in my name.

I felt that some kind of civil war had been declared on the small farmer and his livelihood, against which he has little defence except people like us who know that our roots will always be in the earth, where all life comes from, fed and nurtured by the rain and the sun.

And not to be ruled by desk-bound bureaucrats who seem to be totally deracinated.

How else could that wretched woman Margaret Beckett make such comments? They are comparable with those of Jo Moore for hurt and offence to a community so devastated that suicide may seem to be the only way out.

Do you have any idea how many suicides there have been so far? I feel I must write a letter of protest and would like to quote a number, since numbers are more significant to them than people (warmwell note. It is somewhere in the region of sixty I understand but others may be able to give us a more accurtate figure.).

Please don't stop fighting. Just think what you have achieved so far...galvanising urbanites like me!