Hello people at warmwell,

You've probably heard this sort of thing before- but it's all grist to our mill.

On our holiday in the lakes- Sawrey, which we regard as our heart's home- everyone we asked, and I mean EVERYONE, in the area was convinced that the govt has a hidden agenda in its'handling' of FMD.

Hoteliers, caterers, shopkeepers as well as farmers.

One farmer in particular was convinced that 'officials' from DEFRA carried fmd to a farm which had been clear until then. When we spoke to him it was like he'd been waiting to tell someone about it all. He must have talked for at least half an hour to us, telling us about the disease, how its carried, how easily it can be spread withiut great care not to, how people have got it all wrong about compensation. This was all around the time the papers were full of farmers making money out of it. Just one of the govts tricks to divert attention away from their failures. Make us all believe it's the farmer's fault!

Is there anyone in DEFRA who knows or cares about farming, and the welfare of farmers, their families and their animals?

Where are the animal welfare organisations?

Why aren't questions being asked in parliament?

Goodnight, truthseekers.