Why has our Government gone absolutely power mad?
Why  as citizens of this Country do we have NO say what so ever in our day
to day lives?

One of the comments I heard the Conservative leader make on the radio today
was,  in Holland if the people do not like the school their children
attend - they can, if 50 or more, of them get together make the Government
start a new school.  They are bound by the law and legislation of that
Country to do so. Far cry from what happens here.

Cast our minds back several months, ( the same still applies today), parents
here in the UK were not even allowed what type of MMR vaccine ie, triple or
multiple, they could use on their children...

What has become of us as a free, and liberal minded country.  Tony Blair -
that's what!

Some 1 million people went out on strike yesterday because they can no
longer afford to live.  House prices are going through the roof, but wages
are not in line.  A refuge collector (sorry exact title not known) earns
nine thousand pounds a year..  How can anyone keep a family on that?
Strange how none of us ever take any interest in them, they are just there,
doing their job.  They when they strike, we realise just how much we do
relie on these people.  But they get paid the bare minimum wage. I heard the
head of BBC Greg Dyke explain why he was worth his latest bonus - and one of
the top paid men in the Country. He asked the interviewer to 'judge' for
himself, if he was worth it.  We have all got to eat and pay our way, and we
would all like a better standard of living. Only many never get offered it!

Same with life in the Country - so many lovely homes sit empty for most of
the year.  Someone's holiday home for 4 weeks of the year.  John Prescott
has just announced a 1.5 billion house building boom for the South - what
about all the young people in the tourist areas of the North ie Cumbria,
Yorkshire, etc who cannot afford homes?  Any prospects on the horizon for
them? Probably not!  Hang on a minute, perhaps that is the thinking behind
this.  If all the young people leave the Countryside for the Towns and
Cities - the older folks will eventually all cease to exist.  Then all those
empty Country properties - can be used to house the assylum seekers, and the
still ever growing population in the South. Of course these people will have
to become the custodians of the animals - always assuming that there is any
left. But, by then we will have so many bills appertaining to owning
animals.  That if the colour does not fit your decor, or the sound of a cow
mooing is definately not music to your ears, then you will be able to have
the animal/s in question destroyed.

Sometimes I wonder how so many of us find the strength and the will to keep
ploughing on....There is very little incentive for the  hard honest working
person of this Country, of ours today.