Dealing with an Outbreak (presentation given to accompany launch of RSC report) 
On Confirmation (reference laboratory):
  • national movement ban
  • enhanced biosecurity
  • rapid culling of IPs and DCs                
  • rapid diagnostics to speed up and improve diagnosis
  • deploy control  machinery & scientific advice
In a number of cases the above will not contain an outbreak
Deploy vaccination rather than extensive culling to supress outbreaks
Key practical decision is when to begin vaccination. Research needed but depends upon success in containing outbreak, its location , season etc.
Exit strategy - regain 'disease free without vaccination ' status as soon as possible.
link that slide with 2 before ' Models require accurate farm data & far better knowledge of local modes of disease transmission'
Is it too much of a leap to say that they are basically saying pre-emptive slaughter policy did not stack up
in this epidemic and diagnosis was crap - shame they can't come straight out with it