Dear Lina

The "dynamite" is that it might- just possibly - occur to some bright journalist what this evidence from Roger Breeze means. It means that by February last year the USDA had already laboratory tested and found "amazing" a farm on-site test (easy to do) which was a pre-clinical test. It showed up any of the 7 strains of FMD in animals before any symptoms are there. It takes 60 mins maximum on the farm and then you know whether the animals are infected or not. Absolutely accurately..

The USDA offered it to Pirbright and Prof King on March 9th 2001. King didn't understand what he was being offered. Pirbright were jealous because they were trying to develop the SAME THING - so they said it wasn't "convenient" to try out the test in the UK. Now do you see?

If they had said YES the team would have come and at their own expense - or at least sharing the expense - they'd have quickly gone round the IPs checking whether the virus was really there.

It would have made the vaccination question almost irrelevant! The infected animals could have been put down efficiently and painlessly and there would have been no question at all of a contiguous cull.

In Holland you wouldn't have had to kill more than a handful of animals.

This machine was developed and offered. It was within our grasp. And we TURNED IT DOWN. I am actually in tears as I write this. Think of Knowstone and of Caroline Hoffe. And all because these British men couldn't admit to ignorance...

Mary at warmwell