From a farmer's point of view I couldn't care less about the REBATE.

It is money which Governments use to buy votes but also money British farmers are entitled to if there really was such a thing as a "level playing field" in "Common Agricultural Policy" or EU farming.
What people need to wake up to is that their hard earned UK tax £'s are being spent at an alarming rate on funding the CAP (with Germany) to subsidise at least a dozen other inefficient EU countries. Take Ireland and France who produce roughly the same foods as we do. Both are net takers from the CAP (and France is the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world!). This means that the French and Irish farmers can flood the UK market with meat, milk, cereals etc - all produced at the expense of the British taxpayer and in the process, kill of the British farmer.

With the loss of the "metric martyrs" case in the Lords this week, an important milestone seems to have passed without (it seems) a ripple. This means that EU law is now OFFICIALLY supreme to our UK sovereign laws and even our justice system.

It also means that the UK no longer has any say in whether it wants to continue to subsidise a dozen other countries to produce agricultural surpluses which we in the UK are obliged to buy at the expense of our own farmers. (In 1984 the EU actually INCREASED the amount of milk Ireland could produce whist cutting the UK by 9% - Ireland didn't even have a market for what it used to produce!). This effectively gave a part of our market to the Irish who now flood us with 120,000 tonnes of beef as well as milk and dairy products.

If the UK had the guts to regain its sovereignty by repealing the 1972 European Communities Act, we would, once again, be in a position to decide for ourselves how much farm aid we would like to give to our competitors. It is a nonsense to say we would lose trade because WTO has largely broken down trade barriers, and in any event, the trade we have with the EU is detrimental to the UK because we import more than we export. David