I have just finished yet another long afternoon shift.

I have missed another sunset with my wife. Our lives are passing by...we don't get these days back by some chance. They are gone forever.

Likewise..the days, weeks, and months spent suffering from the destruction and loss of ones farming livelihood can never be recaptured. Those times are gone...they cannot be relived. Thank God many would say!

We were driving towards Carlisle during the midst of the worst of the FAM crisis when we stopped to take a photo of a demo trailer in a field next to the main road. We noticed a small white envelope in the hedge next to us. The envelope was partially addressed. We took the envelope home and found the full address of the person it was addressed to on our computer. We posted it off with a short covering letter. It appears that the letter...a sympathy card from neighbours..had been placed on the windscreen of an army landrover parked outside the farm which was being 'taken out' by slaughtermen. As the army left the scene the envelope blew away from the windscreen wipers...or had been deliberately thrown aside.

The kind reply we got from the intended recipient of the card still fills us with sadness to this day..So you can imagine the heartache they must have suffered for their loss.