The INQUIRIES chose not to name names. The Telegraph article below had no such inhibitions.
We can think of a few names missing from this list.
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Who is blamed for the foot and mouth crisis?
Opinion Telegraph

(Filed: 23/07/2002)

Tony Blair Prime Minister

Normal processes of his Government not able to "handle an emerging national crisis effectively".
Did not convene cross-Government emergency committee until 31 days after first case, by which time 479 cases had been confirmed and disease was out of control.
"There was no mechanism at the centre of Government to provide detached advice, one step removed from efforts to tackle the disease, about when to reinforce the response to the crisis."
Told inquiry he had not discussed/considered/reviewed foot and mouth at any time since coming to power before the crisis.
Asked why the Army was not brought in earlier, he agreed their logistical skills might have made a difference.
Questions remain over why his departments took weeks to co-operate efficiently.
Gave impression the crisis was under control.
Possibly involved in footpath closure decision.

Nick Brown Minister of Agriculture

Failed to ensure a contingency plan capable of dealing with the scale of outbreaks experienced in the past.
Failed to act decisively in the "precious 30 hours" after first case identified.
Took 25 days to secure military and financial aid beyond borrowing veterinary officers.
Oversaw "protracted under-investment" in departmental resources.
Gave false assurances that the disease was under control.
Possibly involved in footpath closure decision.

Jim Scudamore Government Chief Vet

Failed to ensure contingency plans to deal with an epidemic on the scale of 1967.
Failed to act on 1999 report warning about deficient contingency planning, slaughter and disposal of carcasses and staff training.
Did not act on briefing by Pirbright Laboratory in 2000 that foot and mouth situation was deteriorating abroad.
Did not express concerns about Defra shortcomings to ministers or to Brian Bender, Permanent Secretary.
Failed to act decisively in the "precious 30 hours" after first case identified.
"Warning signs of the fragility of the State Veterinary Service resources were there in 2000 and not picked up soon enough in 2001."
Gave false assurances that the disease was under control.

Brian Bender Maff/Defra Permanent Secretary

Failed to see that ministry had a contingency plan in place for more than 10 cases.
Ensured most important decisions taken during the outbreak were not recorded.
Presided over "a culture predisposed to decision taking by committee with an associated fear of personal risk taking."
"Ministry senior management was not sufficiently alert" to a host of factors, including need for non-veterinary staff.
"Communications from senior management downwards had difficulty reaching their target. The message that foot and mouth was an overriding priority did not filter through effectively to the rest of the department".
His department had a "silo mentality".
Defra's "patchwork of unconnected systems" hampered intelligence on the spread of disease.
His department's "financial control systems were not up to the task".

Ben Gill President, NFU

Spread "myths" about vaccination.
Instrumental in pressing for footpath closure, the "most costly mistake of the entire outbreak" according to the National Trust.

George Trevelyan

Director of operations at Defra "Relationships within the disease control centre were often tense, with multiple lines of control".


Increased spread of disease by making "unprecedented animal movements" in last hours before movement ban.

Additions to the list from people who have emailed the warmwell website

British Veterinary Association

no awareness of NSP free vaccines or the various marker tests which have not only been developed but subject to the EU FMD Exec Cttee Technical Section testing.
We knew of this level of ignorance - but to actually admit to it in evidence is staggering - there is a lot of education ahead - not to say responsibility lying with the BVA, amongst others, for the disaster of 2001.

Carwyn Jones AM

( Welsh Assembly, former rural affairs minister )
Responsible for the Epynt disaster by approving a high moorland watershed as mass burial ground for animals from outside the area against all advice; for bringing in health risks all because the site was MoD owned and activities could be carried out secretly
Responsible for instigating an arbitrary and illegal cull on Anglesey removing thousands of animals when later it could not be proved that any were infected. Initially directing the disposal of culled animals at Mona Airfield ( MOD property again) until protests forced him to dispose at a landfill site
Responsible for persecuting the 'Anglesey Six' who stood up for their animals against official threats and blackmail;
Responsible for cowardly and slanderous accusations suggesting political motivation against Ann Morgan and others who gave evidence to the EU inquiry
Responsible for crying to the press about criticism he had to endure during his epic mishandling of the crisis
Responsible for the totally needless slaughter of 80,000 of the Brecon sheep .......etc.......etc.........etc

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

For having dual standards of ethics, failing to "uphold standards in the profession". They have consistantly refused to allow certain of their members, usually in the State Vet. Service to be investigated for signing false certificates etc. They have destroyed trust in their profession and have betrayed those valiant members who had the guts and principles to object. They have made a mockery of self regulation to protect the guilty. Much blame and shame should be attached to them.In fact, it is doubtful if the animal holocaust of 2001 could have been achieved without their compliance, to slaughter uninfected, healthy stock is wrong.

David Fields, MAFF veterinary surgeon

part of his answer when asked by Penny Butler of the RCVS Professional Conduct Department whether animals killed were examined was: "A full clinical examination of all the stock would have been extremely time consuming and stressful for both the family and, most importantly, the stock. To examine a sheep effectively for lesions of FMD requires in my opinion: handling and restraint, taking of the temperature, casting of the individual, cleaning of the feet of all mud and debris, thorough examination of all feet and the mouth. This is a procedure that could not be accomplished without stress and disturbance to the individual concerned, and could have caused actual harm to the heavily pregnant ewes present. Stock could have been examined for lesions of FMD after death."
So - to avoid causing the animals stress and disturbance, and knowing them to be perfectly healthy - he killed them.

July 28

Jonathan Miller: Mean fields: Its official: I was right all along
Times on Line

I turbo-diesel back to our grim island stopping at the Champion supermarket in Calais for provisions: cheese, fruit, fish. Sensibly, the French supermarkets still do not sell British beef, and nor should they. The British government says it is safe, but why should anyone believe a word they say? Back at the ranch, the mother and sister-in-law are in residence and I am required to take them to the theatre in Chichester, which at least has comfy seats so one can nap. I have unfinished business in Britain. The most immediately pressing is to plough through the latest lessons to be learnt inquiry on foot and mouth.Scathing though it is, it is still a cover-up and contains no information diligent readers will not know from my dispatches at the time.

Within a week of the foot and mouth outbreak I demanded vaccination rather than slaughter and was ridiculed by ministers, although this is now government policy. Each week I pointed out the corruption, incompetence, mendacity, stupidity, waste and cruelty of the Blair regime as it wrecked the countryside at the behest of the undemocratic National Farmers Union, cheered on by the BBC. These judgments have also now been fully affirmed.

But the full flavour of the foot and mouth disaster is suppressed and the issue of blame avoided. So, since nobody official will point a finger, allow me.

Consider first, the disgraceful Nick Brown, still a member of this government, ludicrously as minister for work. A chum of the chancellor, he was worse than useless as agriculture minister. He was a disgrace: he told parliament that vaccination would permanently compromise Britains status on meat exports. This was not true. He said the disease was under control when it was not. He blamed Chinese restaurants for the disease when nobody was more responsible than the government itself. I could continue.

Will butcher Brown now do the decent thing and resign? His ministry is now conclusively proven to have been a catastrophe. His judgment and integrity are below zero. Naturally he has not quit. Nor has he been sacked.

Next Jim Scudamore, the incompetent chief vet. Having presided over the veterinary debacle, he has been promoted within Defra, the new department of rural cruelty and lies. Will he be fired? Not a chance.

Scudamore is emblematic of a civil service that has institutionalised arrogance, ignorance and self-serving incompetence. Lessons learnt? Ha! I wouldnt let him touch my cat.

Elliot Morley, a Maff minister then and still at Defra, another shameless political hack, has been busy with the cover-up. It was Morley who has been put in charge of passing legislation to ex post facto legalise the mad contiguous cull with new government powers to kill any animal at all.I received a mad, whining letter from him the other day which, like all other correspondence from Defra, has gone straight in the bin.

There are others who ought to hang their heads in shame but who will not.
Ben Gill, the NFU gauleiter who demanded more killing as his subsidy-junkie members collected millions in compensation.

The NFU is about as democratic as Stalinist Russia yet is still promoted by the government broadcasting service (BBC) as the spokesman for farmers.

The vets, who unlawfully authorised government killers to slaughter millions of healthy animals.

The BBC, firmly controlled by Blairs henchmen, still reports the Defra lie of 7m animals slaughtered when the number is twice that.

Dont forget the awful RSPCA, lackeys of Labour, useless in the face of the greatest animal cruelty the country has ever seen.

And then there is greasy, venal, smirking Blair himself who took personal charge of the disaster. Backbenchers noted last week that post- September 11, Britain remains unprepared for terrorist attack. This is something else I noted first. A year ago I warned that in the event of a dreadful human epidemic, which then Id assumed would be natural, the regime would be hopeless. Now its official. Again, I told you so.

Calais is still crawling with asylum seekers trying to break into Britain. Why do they come? Perhaps they still regard Blair as marginally more benign than Sadam Hussein. The key word is marginally. But who will engineer a regime change for the British?