Comment today on Warmwell analysing the factually incorrect statements contained within the LLI report. I note the following comment:-

"The pigs at Heddon were already infected when the farm was issued with a new licence."

I have studied the Heddon On the Wall court case in depth. Much of this analysis has been provided by friend and agricultural journalist Mr Bruce Jobson. Bruce is in the process of finishing writing his book "Waughtergate" .

It is a pity tht Dr Anderson and his committee were not able to investigate the events surrounding Mr Waughs farm in the depth that Mr Jobson has! In fact I doubt if Dr Anderson even thought about it!

There is no doubt that Mr Waugh was made a scapegoat. The press continually claim that Mr waugh was responsible for FMD 2001! This is in direct contravention to statements made by the prosecuting council. However a scapegoat must be found and we couldn`t have that nice Mr Blair "I take personal control of the crisis" coming under any criticism, could we?

The trouble is, that Heddon on the Wall does not add up! Briefly, and I will not spill all the beans here, yet, but why was a video, produced by a government agency, shown in court as evidence, when clearly this evidence was fraudulent? The video was shown for around 3-4 hours and was thrown out by the judge! An agency had deliberately produced fraudulent "evidence" in an attempt to further smear Mr waugh! So it goes on and on! I stand testimony to the corruption within MAFF/DEFRA and other government departments. I know that a number of MAFF witnesses LIED in court! That is perjury and as we know can carry a 4 year prison sentence! However back to these infected pigs!

The contractor who took the pigs to Cheale markets returned with Water Buffalo. This has been well documented. If Mr waugh`s pigs were incubating, or as stated were in an advanced state of FMD, we know that they would have been highly infectious and would have been highly contagious. The trailer used to transport the pigs would have been highly contaminated. Water Buffalo are highly susceptible to FMD.

To the point. These Water Buffalo were transporetd to Nth. Yorkshire in the SAME trailer as the "infected pigs". I have been informed that these animals remain standing to this day. Completely healthy!

Oh, I am also told the trailer was washed out quickly; straw, manure etc. but NO formal BIO-security of any description was invoked!

Er, how much did Dr. Andersons inquiry cost the tax payer?