The next meeting of the Cumbrian Rural task Force is 6th August 2002. It is here that members of the Task Force will be briefed on the findings made by Professor Thomas and his team. I will be attending.
In general, it apppears that many people here are not one bit surprised at Dr Anderson's LLI report. They remain inconvinced. The local press and in particular the lamentable Cumberland News have swallowed this spin wholesale. This newspaper is staffed by a majority of Blairites but even so it is clear that their journalists have been unable to analyse the report effectively. None have mentioned some of its major shortfalls and limitations. In a week when the LLI report was released, the weekly Cumberland News chose as its headline "HOTEL KICKS OUT GAY COUPLE!". Comment on the LLI is relegated to pages 12/13. Thankfully there was no such nonsense by the superb Western Morning News!
Back to the Cumbrian Inquiry.Sources have stated that for the first time, Prof. Thomas's Inquiry will state how many animals could have been saved by a better response. It will provide a unique insight. It will focus more on people's experiences of the outbreak and on the effects on physical and mental health. It will also provide a better insight on the consequences of the disease for tourism.

We will see, but it does appear that Prof Thomas's team may produce the goods!

I wonder if his team will have the guts to hammer Blair on the illegal and ineffective 3km.Firebreak cull though? I see that Dr Anderson has praised Dumfries & Galloway for their response to FMD.
It was D&G who "invented " the 3km cull apparently! It was also D&G who took out 13.05 farms per I/P! Well done scottie!