Who ordered the 3km/Firebreak Cull?
In answer to the lady who this morning found it impossible to believe that the Minister who ordered this savage, unscientific and bullying cull cannot be traced, I can only conclude, again, that this reeks of undeniable cowardice!
Of course the perpetrator of this heinous act is known! Did Scudamore come to Cumbria to beg farmers to cooperate without being ordered? It is absolutely inconceivable!
No, the person responsible is known, but is too cowardly to admit their folly!
The cull WAS illegal and therefore one can only draw the conclusion that those responsible must be made accountable! That, ladies and gentleman is the reason we are presented with this deafening silence!
I do wonder how  the world would react when the UK imprisons one of its senior ministers or civil servants! Or indeed the reaction if its Prime Minister was imprisoned! The words (I will take personal control of FMD.) may well haunt Prime Minister Blair for many years to come!
Do not forget chubby chappy Elliott Morley:-
"At the present time, we do not have powers for a fire break cull. There was the three kilometre cull in Cumbria but that was a voluntary cull and people were invited to participate in that."
Don`t forget the MEMO, addressed to Morley and sent by head of FMD, Mr Roy Hathaway, Page St. :-
 5.          Subsequent investigations have shown that the term “voluntary” was widely used in Cumbria to describe the 3km cull and appeared on official documents, including the valuation forms used by the firm (Penrith Farmers’ and Kidd’s plc – PFK) contracted by DEFRA locally to administer the slaughter policy.  Representatives of that firm have confirmed to us that they believed the cull was voluntary and that farmers were therefore not entitled to dispute their valuations; and that they specifically told Bindloss that he had no right to dispute his valuation.  This is incorrect; under the 1981 Act and subordinate legislation, farmers have 14 days to appeal against valuations. 
This was Morleys reply to Mr David Maclean in February this year:-
 'Some owners of animals subject to the 3km Cumbrian cull on grounds of FMD may have been informed that there animals were culled on a voluntary basis ... they may ,also have been informed that they had no right to dispute the valuation of their animals ... the Department considers that all such culls, carried out under the supervision of its officials, were in fact compulsory and that in all such cases there was a right to dispute their valuation within 14 days.'
Come, come Mr Morley! Naughty, naughty!
Dr Anderson has conveniently missed some major points! An independent open inquiry will "bear down" on these criminals. Perjury is indeed a serious offence!