Saw in the Radio Times that Country File (BBC tv) had an item scheduled

" RSPB initiative to crack down on predatory cats."

I watched the programme and there was absolutely nothing about this, nor in next week's trailer.

If there is such an iniative (which I believe has been on their agenda for a couple of years) have they now decided that secrecy is the best option? I foresaw that cats would be one of the first targets when the Animal Health Bill was first proposed, and wrote several letters to our local papers re this, thinking that people would be more inclined to get involved if their pets were threatened. Drew absolutely no response. When I spoke to people about it they seemed to think that it couldn't happen. Now, of course, with SI 843 they can kill as many pet cats as they want, without even having to notify the owners that they are about to do so. If only we could 'crack down' on predatory DEFRA officials.

There is a precedent for mass cat killing. During the late 1930's in Germany, all Jews were banned from keeping cats and told to take them (alive) to certain collection points. Jewish vets had all been 'struck off' and could not practise, so there was nobody who would kill them humanely. I can only too well imagine what happened to the cats. Most mass murderers would appear to have started their 'careers' by cat-torturing and killing. So our Government finds itself in very good company!