Diana Jeynes - a tribute

"Diana Jeynes, who tragically died of breast cancer recently, was not only a passionate supporter of protesters against the unnecessary cull last year, but she was also one of the kindliest and delightful people I have ever met," writes Pat Innocent in this tribute.

"Even while she knew of her deteriorating condition, she was looking after her mother and grandchildren, getting out there singing in a choir, and standing up against MAFF outside people's houses.

She made friends on the Internet with people she'd never met, bashed our MP's ear, and did whatever she could to right the dreadful wrongs of last year. She certainly went beyond the call of duty by sweltering in a sheep costume on the streets of Bristol, trying to tell people what was going on.

We, her friends in the Forest of Dean, wanted to pay her a lasting tribute. In consultation with her family, we decided a seat with an inscription in a bluebell wood where she loved to walk, would be suitable to remember her by.

We are collecting money for the seat, and if anyone would like to contribute, please send to the Rev. Patricia Pinkerton, Lammas Cottage, 7 Stephens Place, Broadwell, Coleford, Glos, GL16 7BJ.

Any messages would be passed on to her family, who are touched that so many people were so fond of her."

Pat Innocent