Questions from Nick Green, Cumbria.3rd. July 2002.







So, who will get Pirbright supremo, Alex Donaldson’s job?


I do not know, but I would like the answers to the following questions:-


  1. Why did Paul Kitching leave his post during the worst FMD crisis to hit the UK?
  2. Was, as many of my sources have told me, he moved sideways?
  3. Why was Kitching threatened with dismissal from IAH Pirbright on two occasions in 2001?
  4.  Why did my old “friend” Elliot Morley (DEFRA), visit Kitching in Winnipeg earlier this year?
  5. Why did Kitching not want to give evidence at the trial of Bobby Waugh?
  6. Did Kitching, as my sources have intimated, agree to give evidence after a deal was reached whereby he could return to IAH Pirbright?
  7. Did Morley strike this deal with Kitching?
  8. Where is Donaldson going?
  9. Finally, is Kitching to take over from Donaldson?


Is this all that important, you may be wondering?


Answer, YES, VERY!


My last point. Would someone kindly tell me why my phone is still being “tapped”?