MAFF knew full well that there was a problem with the genetic evolution of the Type O virus....

.in fact they commissioned IAH, to provide a report of what was happening ....the reporter is Mr. Nick J. Knowles., co-authored with Alan R. Samuel, ...also the "founder" of all of international reporting agencies...his report was made to FAO in May, 2000, in Italy ...oh by the way, Mr. Knowles was also responsible for the creation of PANTOSA (Brazil), INTA,( Chile) and SENASA in Argentina...the organization that failed to disclose the outbreaks in Argentina all last fall.

Mr. Knowles also reported the genetic evolution of this virus to the USAHA....U.S. Animal Health Association in Alabama on Oct.24, 2000, co-authored by the head FMD scientist in the USA, Mr. Paul Mason, Plum Island, New York, with another report as to how the Type O virus has become more virulent.

Now then, both IAH Pirbright and our USDA people are mentioned in this message, which is based on FACT's that were available on the net last year. Now, those pages seem to be "dead."

Dr. Knowles is conspicuous by his complete and total abscense in the media and press throughout this whole is Dr. Paul Mason.

So they both knew something was up. The question is: if they both knew, then why wasn't the UK putting into place a program similar to that which was being done in the U.S at the same time?

Or was this failure to prepare for an outbreak in the U.K. done intentionally?

Burkie in Kansas