How strange that the Americans see fit to make no mention of dogs and campylobacter.

Thus, to my mind not drawing any real importance to the fact that dogs who have diarrhoea can pass it on. I would also have to say that from what I have read the USA does seem to have the most written research out there for all to read. We on the other hand have very little to hand, and it is weak and of little depth. I have sent you a link to what is a fair reflection of our coverage on this subject. Which does make one have to ask - where did this leap of putting dogs into the equitation come from?

This is truly one of those areas of 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'. By, this I mean in relation to the general public - who will read the article in the press and start thinking, and spreading that ALL dogs are the 'cause' of campylobacter. Do they not call this sort of thing 'Chinese Whispers?

So yet another animal, this time the dog is being drawn into the net. One did have to wonder why they were being left alone - under the New Animal Health Act. This time its that well known disease campylobacter which is surfacing. After all folks, how many times have you yourself or any of your family and friends been treated for it? How very, very convenient that they can now blame the dog for all those stomach upsets and whatever else. Spin doctors, and labour party magicians working overtime. Not exactly all the fun of the fair if your are a animal in today's 'political' climate.

There have been dogs for as long as there has been man. Dogs lived, ate and slept with man - Royalty included, not so many years ago. Our trusted faithful companion. How stupidly pathetic we have become. Lets blame the dog for all those stomach upsets. Why? should we blame the cheap imported food we eat, are own lack of basic standards even, or the dirty filthy restaurants and cafi's that are allowed to flourish. Believe me I know about them - I worked in the catering trade. You would never eat out again if you saw what goes on in some of them.

Perhaps we had better be 'thankful' that this is a 'animal health bill' and not a people bill. Lets me see - where shall we start. Mumps, measles, the flu, common cold, chicken pox, and oh yes, aids! Set to virtually wipe out half of Asia in the next five years - if not stopped! All of these are able to be passed onto to others, and in the case of one, aids - fatal! Should we therefore shoot these people. Or vaccinate first - and then shoot! Science is a wonderful thing - is it not. Years of work to come up with a vaccine to 'save' lives - and this is what we advocate. Of course I am only talking about animals here... at the moment.

Why, are we picking on the poor defenceless animal. Have these people nothing better to do with their time.

One reason I believe, is because, it is not 'politically' correct to target people these days - so perhaps these 'frustrated' men and women are turning that hate onto our animals.

After all what else is 'there' that needs such overhauling and reform. Health Service, Transport, Education to name but a few, I can hear you say. Trivial by comparison and not worth getting out of bed for. Animal bashing - that's the 'buzz' word at the moment. Plus, they can never answer you back, tell you they are 'healthy' so leave me alone - or tell you that you got it so horribly bloody 'wrong'

Compassion - what a strange alien word that must be to some people. Will it soon be an offence to even admit to caring for animals - let alone owning?them.

I would rather put my trust and love into my animals - they never seek rewards, they just love you for what you are. One reason animals would never make politicians....... Oh what a better World it would be!