I see that experienced vet Roger Windsor has resigned from the RCVS disciplinary Committee. That is indeed a sad loss for the vet profession.

I understand that they are unwilling to face the wrath of DEFRA should they transgress by agreeing with many of the General Public out here that certain of their members have brought their profession into such disrepute that the public perception of it must surely be an all-time low !

To deny that some of their members did indeed sign false certificates is to emulate the ostrich.

I' m afraid that sticking your heads in the sand isn't going to solve the problem though, far from it. It is insulting to those of us who have suffered at the hands of these people, they are a disgrace to their profession and should be drummed out (they could not then, of course, even practise as DEFRA vets.)

I consider that the profession is in fact in a very strong position, if they could but see it. Defra needs vets. The RCVS can delete the names of unethical members and they will no longer be able to practise as such

We know what you ought to do, you know what you ought to do. If you leave it until you are forced into doing "the right thing" your stature will be so much more diminuished that DEFRA will continue to use you as the doormat you have become. Where is your pride in your profession ?

I can fully understand why Roger Windsor resigned, he is obviously a man of integrity, believing sincerely that his profession is sliding down a slippery slope, and I, for one, would whole-heartedly concur.