MEPs on Foot and Mouth visit to UK

A delegation from the European Parliament's Temporary Committee on Foot and
Mouth Disease visits Wales, Devon and Gloucestershire from 19 to 22 June to
learn more about last year's disease outbreak.

The 12-strong delegation of MEPs will be led by Spanish MEP Encarnacisn
Redondo Jiminez who chairs the Foot and Mouth Committee.

During the four-day fact-finding visit, the delegation will hold talks with
farmers, vets, rural business owners and local politicians.  A number of
public meetings are also planned (see this page on warmwell for draft programme)

The European Parliament's committee has already paid visits to the North of
England and the Scottish Borders, and to the Netherlands as part of its
year-long investigation.  It is expected that the Committee's findings,
which will be put together by German MEP Wolfgang Kreissl-Dvrfler, will be
presented to the European Parliament in November 2002.

MEPs taking part in the visit include: British MEPs Gordon Adam (North
East), Nick Clegg (East Midlands), Jonathan Evans (Wales), Caroline Lucas
(South East), Michael Holmes (South West), Neil Parish (South West), Robert
Sturdy (Eastern), Eurig Wyn (Wales); Dutch MEPs Albert Jan Maat and Jan
Mulder; and German MEP Wolfgang Kreissl-Dvrfler.

Note to Editors:
All parts of the programme are open to the media.

The European Parliament's Temporary Committee on Foot and Mouth was set up
in January with a 12 month mandate to, inter alia:

7 assess control of meat imports from third countries
7 analyse the management of the foot-and-mouth epidemic and the
implementation of EU rules
7 look into vaccination policy and make proposals to combat future animal
disease outbreaks

For further details of the Temporary Committee on Foot and Mouth Disease

Further information: Edward McVEIGH, EP Office, London Tel: 020 7227 4335,
mobile 07775735007,