Mr Morley

 With regard to your recent letter to Mr David MacLean MP Penrith & Borders, I note that you have now decided to admit that there was no voluntary cull conducted in Cumbria.

 This astonishing retraction by yourself leads me to the sad conclusion that either you have continually lied to The House of Commons and the general public or you simply find yourself completely and utterly out of your depth!

 I believe you have lied! Your integrity is sadly lacking and I believe you should resign immediately!

 You will, by now have received all my evidence. You Mr Morley, YOU, have no credibility now and you will pay for these disgraceful shortcomings.

 Meanwhile, please explain, why initially you stated:-


Nov 06~ (Mr Morley) ........ At the present time, we do not have powers for a fire break cull. There was the three kilometre cull in Cumbria but that was a voluntary cull and people were invited to participate in that.


1.)_ Why Mr Hathaway stated 5 days earlier in a Memo to you?:-


4.         The Claimant in this case is a Cumbrian farmer involved in the 3km cull.  He says he was told by contractors administering the 3km cull for the Department that the cull applied to his animals was voluntary and that he was expressly told he had no right of appeal against the valuation of his animals.  Our investigations confirm that the cull in question was the 3km cull announced on 15 March and put into effect some days later in parts of Southern Scotland and Cumbria.  As you know, the 3km cull was predicated on the CVO’s advice that the animals concerned were exposed to FMD infection.  The cull was therefore carried out under the slaughter and compensation provisions of the Animal Health Act 1981.  The CVO swore a witness statement to this effect in a separate judicial review case in March (Kindersley) which the Department won.  Locally, however, in Cumbria, the 3km cull was referred to as “voluntary” in part because those farmers who cooperated with it had their animals taken first.

            5.     Subsequent investigations have shown that the term “voluntary” was widely used in Cumbria to describe the 3km cull and appeared on official documents, including the valuation forms used by the firm (Penrith Farmers’ and Kidd’s plc – PFK) contracted by DEFRA locally to administer the slaughter policy.  Representatives of that firm have confirmed to us that they believed the cull was voluntary and that farmers were therefore not entitled to dispute their valuations; and that they specifically told Bindloss that he had no right to dispute his valuation.  This is incorrect; under the 1981 Act and subordinate legislation, farmers have 14 days to appeal against valuations.  


2.) Why was this note sent to farmers by MAFF ?:-


According to our records you were not willing to give up your sheep. This letter is to advise you what arrangements are now being put in place to include your sheep in the cull. In the infected area, sheep, goats and pigs within 3 km of an infected premises will be treated as Dangerous Contacts. This means that the Ministry of Agriculture will make arrangements for your sheep to be slaughtered on the farm. Compensation will be paid for your sheep.


3.) Why did you send these comments to Mr David maclean MP?:-

'Some owners of animals subject to the 3km Cumbrian cull on grounds of FMD may have been informed that there animals were culled on a voluntary basis ... they may also have been informed that they had no right to dispute the valuation of their animals ... the Department considers that all such culls, carried out under the supervision of its officials, were in fact compulsory and that in all such cases there was a right to dispute their valuation within 14 days.'


4.) Why did Mr Eric Martlew, Labour MP Carlisle state?:-


In North Cumbria, one option was that we should have a fire break--that we should cull the sheep in the north of the county to stop the infection getting on to the fells. That policy would have been illegal, as the Government did not have the powers to implement it. It was ultimately carried out by other means, but if it had been challenged, we would have had serious problems.




5.) My final question Mr Morley

Why did you lie?


Mr Nicholas Green

Heart of Cumbria

“Campaigning for the Truth”