Something that really bothers my sense of order - How can an abbatoir NOT KNOW which farm a specific animal came from that they are in the process of slaughtering????


Foot-and-mouth alert is over

LONDON (Reuters) - Farmers are cautiously optimistic after initial tests for foot-and-mouth disease on one suspect pig in the Midlands proved negative, just as a new report showed last year`s crisis cost over eight billion pounds.

"The initial test results are negative but further tests are still ongoing and the final results are probably not going to be known until next week," a spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) told Reuters on Friday.

The suspect pig was discovered at an abattoir in Congerstone, Leicestershire. A ban on the movement of livestock within a five mile (8 km) radius of the abattoir imposed on Thursday will continue. Movement restrictions will also remain on 34 farms in the East Yorkshire area while vets check which one the pig came from......