Can you think of a name for one-sniffer doggie ?
Such a lot depends on this poor lonesome moggie
It is Defra's answer to the current problem
Can we think what to call this phenomenum ?
It has languished in  some kennels for the last 6 months,
New Zealands where it came from, where they trained this pooch
Trained it how to sniff out, how to find foreign food
But in half a year in kennels it hasn't done much good !
Will it travel with the speed of light and see through solid things ?
Will Mrs Beckett or Lord Whitty authorise some wings ?
Because, you see, it needs to fly to cover all it should
And, if it can't, we have to ask if they were told that it could ?
Or, have they wasted all that money, spendthrifts that they are
In buying a white elephant, transporting it afar ?
Only to find, as so many people knew that they would
It'll take more than just a single dog to do any good.
I ask for your ideas to name this Kiwi jewel
Obviously its powered by a tank of rocket fuel.
And I bet you can't think who sent this ,can you ?